Can Apple do more to transform the health industry?

Apple CEO Tim Cook frequently makes the claim that his company’s greatest contribution to humankind “will be in the health area.”

When will becomes when

Cook likes to point to the ECG function in Apple Watch, the company’s health related research tools and its software based solutions.

The latter include such as the Health app, Activity Monitor, Cycle Tracking, medical apps and advanced sensor designs.

All these tools are useful, but are they really a great contribution to humanity when such a small percentage of the people on the planet have access to them?

Apple’s business tends to be built around its core skill at inventing products around advanced technology which it can market to its key audience of premium consumers.

And where becomes what

It’s difficult to enumerate Apple’s current health solutions and the way Cook so often frames his claim around the future  future without thinking the iPhone company (which doesn’t want to be remembered as an iPhone company) is working on something more profound.

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