Apple is forcing the ad industry to change

Advertising has become too personal.

Modern systems learn too much about your personal life, tastes and aspirations, and while this is manna from heaven for advertisers, it’s an invasion of privacy for many. And Apple is changing the equation.

Intelligent Tracking Prevention

Apple has built a technology that reduces the quantity of data advertisers can harvest from your online life. It is called Intelligent Tracking Prevention and The Information tells us that since the technology debuted in 2017:

“Advertisers have largely lost the ability to target people on Safari based on their browsing habits with cookies, the most commonly used technology for tracking.”

There’s bad and good in this, of course.

On one side, online publishers will feel the pinch as Apple users cease to generate as much ad-based revenue, which means advertisers become less willing to pay for ads on those platforms, at least in the current ads economy.

On the other, we all benefit from better privacy and more control over the information agencies – about whom we have neither insight or control – possess about us.

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