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Ctime is a Chinese watches manufacturer known for satisfying timepieces. Our popular products are alloy and stainless steel analog wristwatches, loved globally.

Since 2009, we’ve partnered with Police, Invicta, Quantum, and more, thanks to our commitment to quality. Our four approved production lines (BSCI, SEDEX, SMETA) and CE, RoHS, Lead, and Nickel compliance enhance our production capability. Ctime’s core values and competitiveness drive us towards our goals.


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It is not easy to introduce all aspects of custom watch, so we have prepared a lot of information on this page for you to delve into. To make sure you can find the information you want quickly, we have prepared this content directory that will jump to the corresponding location when you click on it.

At Ctime, we cater to a diverse range of watch enthusiasts who share a passion for quality timepieces. Let’s take a closer look at the customer groups we serve:

  • Independent Brand Watch Buyers: Visionary individuals like Lion from Indonesia, who value originality and seek suppliers with exceptional design capabilities, collaborate with us to bring their unique watch visions to life.
  • Discerning Business Owners: Bosses and purchasers who prioritize quality over price understand that a well-crafted timepiece complements their professional image and represents their commitment to excellence. We provide watches that elevate their brands.
  • International Distributors: Operating globally, these distributors appreciate our craftsmanship and reliability, as we cater to their specific requirements, enabling us to reach markets like Vietnam and Saudi Arabia.
  • Watch Enthusiasts: We welcome watch lovers who appreciate the artistry and precision of finely crafted timepieces. Whether they discover us through social media platforms or at events like the HK Watch&clock fair, we embrace them as part of the Ctime family.

Regardless of the customer group, we prioritize design and quality control. Our mission is to deliver high-quality watches that exceed expectations, reflecting individuality and offering functional timekeeping. At Ctime, we are dedicated to serving you with unmatched dedication and a touch of horological humor.

Impeccable quality meets stunning aesthetics as our skilled artisans craft timepieces that turn heads. From sleek sophistication to bold statements, find your perfect match. Our watches reflect your unique personality and impeccable style. Whether you’re a boss or a purchaser, we’ve got you covered.

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With decades of adventures, CTIME presents you with the precious design and manufacturing of high-quality timepieces. Dedicating to build each timepiece for the fierce of believing.


Watches for Lady-Customization options available for

With decades of adventures, CTIME presents you with the precious design and manufacturing of high-quality timepieces. Dedicating to build each timepiece for the fierce of believing.

Ultra-thin watches

DW Series-Customization options available for

With decades of adventures, CTIME presents you with the precious design and manufacturing of high-quality timepieces. Dedicating to build each timepiece for the fierce of believing.

Want to dig deeper in custom watches?

This catalog has more than 300 latest projects, you can leave us your email here and one of our experienced engineers will contact you within 12 hours.

As an engineering personnel in a watch factory, I will provide cost analysis for various components of the watches.

This will involve a breakdown of costs for materials such as the watch case, dial, hands, movement, and straps. Each component will be analyzed in terms of production cost, quality, and durability.

We will also provide a comparison of costs between different types of materials, such as stainless steel vs. titanium, leather vs. rubber straps, and quartz vs. automatic movements.

Our goal is to provide accurate and detailed information to assist in making well-informed decisions during the production process.

When you partner with us to create a batch of custom watches, we understand that a clear and transparent process is important. We’re committed to guiding you through the entire process from order confirmation to delivery. Here’s a breakdown of our process:

Step 1: Design confirmation (3-7 days)

We will work with you to confirm the design details, materials, and specifications to ensure that we fully understand your vision.

A designer is drawing a sketch of a watch

Step 2: Sample production (7-14 days)

Once the design is confirmed, we will create samples for your approval. We’ll make sure that the design meets your existing standards and exceeds your expectations.

Watch samples before the big shipment

Step 3: Production Confirmation (within 1 day)

With your approval of the sample, you can place a production order with us and provide a deposit.

puzzle with the correct sign the concept of the sign is correct Education.

Step 4: Production (30–45 days)

We’ll start mass production based on your order and timeline. We use tried and true production methods to create your custom watches with the highest quality standards.

Flow chart of watch factory producing watches

Step 5: Quality Control (7 days)

Our team conducts quality inspections throughout the production process to ensure that your watches meet our standards and your requirements.

Watches Quality Control workplace

Step 6: Packing and Shipping

Once the production is completed, we pack and ship the watches to you within the agreed time frame. We pay close attention to the packing process to ensure that your watches arrive safe, sound, and ready for wear.

Container ship

Step 7: Delivery

The watches will be delivered to you, and we’ll follow up to ensure you’re happy with the final product.

Shipping Delivery

By partnering with us at [company name], you receive the highest levels of quality and customer service in the industry. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality custom watches that exceed your expectations. Contact us today to start your custom watch journey!

Want to know how to compress lead times?

We’re proud to say that we have over a thousand successful cases of creating custom watches for our satisfied customers. To begin your own custom watch journey with us, simply leave your email below and one of our experienced sales representatives will contact you within 12 hours to discuss the best solution for you. We look forward to partnering with you to create your unique and exclusive timepiece.

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Watch Customization Common Pitfalls

Are you a watch retailer or distributor looking to add a personalized touch to your collections? As a watch manufacturer, we understand the importance of customization and the potential pitfalls that can arise in the process. Here are some tips to keep in mind when customizing watches for your business

Why Choose Us

Play Video about Watchmaker is repairing the mechanical watches in his workshop

We are a major manufacturer and supplier of high-quality wristwatches in customization. In addition to the high-quality and unique designs, there are many other points we will support your brands to be more different and valuable in the watches market.

  1. New Product Development, High Quality, and Easy Communication

  2. Over 15 years of experience in watch manufacturing
  3. More than one thousand satisfied customers
  4. Over 3000 successful projects


Need Help?


Explore some of the FAQs below. If you don’t find the answer to your questions, please contact us at

  • Stainless steel watches, the MOQ is 300pcs each model, 100pcs each color, and the color combinations can be multiple.
  • Aalloy watch, the MOQ is 500pcs each model, 100pcs each color, and the color combinations can be multiple.

Please contact us for a quote, as prices vary by quantity, material, style, color, and function.

  • Sample fees will be charged depends on different model. The fee will be refunded once order quantity reaches 500pcs accumulated, that is to say the samples are free to provide.
  • For existing models, lead time is 35 working days, for new models take 45 working days.

Of course, we welcome customization of your own logo, and we can design it for you for free.
You can customize it on the dial, the back, the strap, the buckle or anywhere else.

We work with Japanese Miyota and Seiko movements, and Swiss Ronda and Sellita movements. Of course available on your request.

30% deposit and 70% before shipment. We will keep you updated in the process of mass production.

Yes, our professional design team will provide the best design drawings before proofing or placing an order until you are satisfied. It’s free of charge.

Our production capacity per month is 500,000pcs.

35~50 days for mass production.

We offer two packing options for our customers.

  •  Free packing, our normal packing is 1 opp bag for 1 watch
  • Customized your own branded watch box

We usually ship worldwide via DHL / TNT / UPS / EMS / FedEx etc. It takes about 3–7 days, depending on the courier company you choose. Sea freight, air freight is also possible.

The cost depends on the watch model, packaging and shipping method, we will recommend the most economical one for you.

We provide one year warranty to any watches caused by manufacturing.

Please contact us if you have special requirement.

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