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Ctime Watches is a professional Chinese watch factory with over 15 years of experience in the field of ODM and OEM watches. We have an excellent watches R&D and design team, advanced watch manufacturing technology, and a strict quality control system that allows us to provide high quality watches at reasonable prices. Whether you are looking for a new China watch manufacturer or you are a novice with zero watch experience, we can satisfy your customized watch needs.

As a China watch factory, how can we do better than other watch manufacturers?

Join China Watch Factory and we will launch a detailed exploration to illustrate our unique advantages. From exquisite craftsmanship to efficient logistics, we reveal what sets us apart in a comprehensive narrative.

Watch Hand Design Sketch

Watch Design by China Watch Factory

Whether you are a professional watch sales company, just have an idea for watch design, or are starting from scratch, our professional design team at China Watch Factory is glad and professional to help you.

We make sure your design ideas are practical and guide you through the process in the most cost-effective way. We have a team of trend-setting designers with over 15 years of experience designing watches that perfectly blend affordability with modern aesthetics.

We have a number of trend-setting designers with more than 10 years of experience to create watches that combine affordability with modern aesthetics.

Watches Drawings and Prototyping by China Watch Factory

Chinese watch factory watchmakers provide easy-to-understand technical drawings that are essential to producing the exact watch you envision. Our capable team of technical engineers quickly provide detailed 2D and 3D models and maintain ongoing communication to ensure a full understanding of the watch design.

With the unique supply chain and technical advantages of Chinese watch factories, we utilize state-of-the-art CNC prototyping equipment and skilled manufacturing processes to efficiently produce customized watch samples. Our team guides you through the entire process to help you minimize risk and overall costs, delivering precision, efficiency and cost-effectiveness to watch manufacturing

Collection of watch drawings and prototype designs
Diagram of the main parts of the watch

Supply Chain for Watch Accessories by China Watch Factory

As a leading OEM watch manufacturer, China Watch Factory surpasses trading companies in watch production expertise. With a sound management and supplier system, our watch parts have cost-effective advantages.

We source watch parts from vendors trusted by renowned brands, ensuring top-notch quality. It is worth noting that our watch hands, dials and plating factory suppliers are shared with other well-known brands.

In addition, our movements all come from Japan and Switzerland, using well-known brands such as Miyota, Seiko, Ronda or ETA. Chinese watch factories are at the forefront, ensuring excellence in every aspect of watch production.

Watches Assembly And Watches QC

To ensure quality, quantity and on-time delivery, we maintain real-time communication with you during the watch production process, and we are certain that communication is the foundation of trust.

Through a comprehensive watch assembly line, each watch component is meticulously and individually inspected before assembly. We also conduct small-scale trial assemblies to identify and correct any potential errors and ensure flawless functionality.

Quality control is present at every stage of production. As a Chinese watch manufacturer, we exercise tighter control over the entire production process, allowing us to pre-empt common production problems and minimize avoidable losses. This level of control sets us apart from many watch trading companies and contributes significantly to our success in meeting agreed delivery dates and ensuring top quality.

Watches Assembly And Watches QC
Luxury watches box pictures

Watch Packaging by a Leading China Watch Factory

We offer tailored watch packaging designs aligned with the style of your customized watch. This typically includes boxes, hang tags, manuals, and more. Our expertise extends to understanding the packing specifications of various courier companies, enabling us to optimize packaging for cost efficiency and ensure maximum protection during transit.

For startups, we provide watch boxes in quantities as low as 50 pieces, enhancing the marketability of your watches. Alternatively, if you have your own Chinese watch box suppliers, you can send your packaging materials to our factory, and we will expertly package your watches according to your specifications.

Ctime watches factory in China can offer the following additional service

Ctime Watches manufacturer is a well-known brand of Chinese watch factory, and it has earned a good reputation as an excellent watch factory in China. Why do you say that? Because when you choose us, you order more than just a watch, you will also receive a series of comprehensive professional services.

free watches

Free watches

If you are a watches start-up, a professional watches buyer, or you need to go through complicated company processes to purchase watch samples, contact us immediately to apply for a free watch sample from us.

3D Watches Rendering and Modeling Services

3D Watch Modeling & Rendering

In a rapidly changing market, quickly adapting to watch needs is crucial. Our 3D watch rendering technology accelerates design visualization, minimizing errors and speeding time to market.

Watch test report

Watches Testing Service

We emphasize on environmental protection, and every accessory of our products can pass relevant tests. If you need we will assist you to get CE, ROHS, FCC and other product certificates.

Watch export express service

Excellent Logistics Service

We have established long-lasting strategic partnerships with major logistics service providers to not only provide competitive prices, but also provide personalized logistics services based on your unique needs.

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