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Ctime Watches is a specialized watch manufacturer. From now on you can design and manufacture a watch from scratch or you can choose a customized watch from our existing watch models.

OEM And ODM Watches: Which choice is right for you?

Typically, Chinese watch manufacturers have two different watch customization options available to buyers: OEM Watches and ODM Watches. watch buyers need to know this first.

OEM ODM Watches Design Drawing
Three Eyes Watch

OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer

If you choose an OEM partnership, you will need to have your own proprietary branding. The case, dial, hands, strap, packaging, and functionality can be completely customized to your design; of course, we can also work with your ideas, communicate in depth, and have your design presented by our designers with 15 years of watchmaking experience. You own the intellectual property of the watch, and Ctime Watches is happy to sign a confidentiality agreement with you.

It should be noted that the OEM Watches approach will be more costly and time-consuming.

ODM: Original Design Manufacturer

By choosing the ODM partnership option, you can select the style that suits your needs from our existing catalog of watch designs. Of course, you can make slight modifications to the dial and case of the watch: you can change the design of the dial, the color of the case finish, the material of the bracelet, and if you have special needs, you can specify the model of the watch movement.

The advantages of choosing this method are lower cost and faster time, which is suitable for start-up micro-brand watch companies.

OEM Watches 10ATM Stainless Steel

OEM vs. OEM: What's the Difference?

Learn more about what goes into watch manufactruing, OEM, ODM, and other FAQs regarding watch making.

OEM watches Expanded view

OEM Watches

OEM watches (or “original equipment manufactured” watches) refers to watch brands that do not directly produce watches, but provide watch design and related parameters to the watch manufacturer. OEM watches are produced in a consignment partnership. For example, if a famous watch brand A designs a new model by itself, it doesn’t produce it by itself, but commissions a Chinese watch manufacturer B to produce it, with A’s brand logo on the watch and packaging.

Why OEM Watches?

1、Resource integration, you have strong design and R&D capability, and have already done sufficient market research, but lack of the production capacity, at this time, you just need to find a customized OEM watch manufacturer with production capacity and quality assurance to achieve reasonable utilization of resources.

2、Cost reduction, general OEM watch factory has the advantage of upstream and downstream supply chain, which has obvious advantages in quality control and cost, and improves the competitiveness of your watches and your brand.

3、You can focus your main efforts on product development and sales link to maximize your own advantages.

A watch is composed of a movement, dial, case, strap, glass, and hands. It also involves complex surface treatment processes and strict waterproof requirements. These cannot be completed by an ordinary company independently, and require a comprehensive strength. Strong watch manufacturer. Ctime Watches is a manufacturer with 15 years of experience in watch production and can guide the entire process of your watch from scratch to perfect delivery, ensuring your satisfaction and success.

What is the process for OEM watches?

Start by telling Ctime Watches Company what you have in mind.

Secondly, if you have a complete watch design drawing and proposal, just proofread it with our watch engineers, and you can proceed to the next step right away; of course it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any design drawing, you just need to put forward your idea, our design team will help you to come up with a watch design drawing according to your budget, including case material, case size, strap, dial, hands, glass, caseback, and buckle, etc.

Finally, we will confirm the 3D rendering design and technical drawings with you. And move to the prototype and final production when you confirm everything.

  • Note: MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) for OEM watches is 300 pieces per model (100 pieces per colour) for alloy models and 50 pieces per model for stainless steel models.

ODM Watches

ODM watches (or “Original Design Manufactured” watches) are watches designed and manufactured by Ctime Watch Company, Inc. It is available for you to personalize on top of our existing watch styles.

You can change the graphics on the dial of the watch, including the logo, to create your own branding; case and band colors can also be customized.

Contact our business to request a catalogue of available models and have communication with our design team to get a rendering of your private label watches.

What is the process for ODM watches?

Assuming you are a start-up watch company or a watch enthusiast in another industry, don’t have a lot of time and don’t want to invest a lot of money to begin with, ODM watches are the way to go.

Ctime Watch Company have an excellent watch design and development team, and our existing watch catalogue is full of popular watch styles in the market for you to choose from.

Time and money can be saved, and within a few weeks, you can receive your own branded watches.
That’s where we come in.

  • Note: The MOQ (minimum order quantity) for ODM watches is 100 pieces per style in alloy and 50 pieces per style in stainless steel.

Why choose an ODM watches?

If you are a watch micro-brand or your company’s products want to expand into the watch category, you can’t do better than choosing ODM Watches as a method that has the lowest capital costs, a simple process, a short timeframe, and maximized benefits.

Ctime Watches is fully stocked with blank templates for hot-selling watch styles, and can move quickly into production once the customer confirms the details of the order. (Case and band finish colors are available on request, dials can be customized, backs can be laser engraved, glass can be ordinary mineral glass, coated glass, or sapphire glass, and boxes can be printed with logos).

  • Note: MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) for ODM watches is 300 pieces per model (100 pieces per colour) for alloy models and 50 pieces per model for stainless steel models.
ODM Watch with Black Nylon Strap
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