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Ctime watch, a professional watch manufacturer, offers unique branding opportunities by creating personalized logo watches to enhance your corporate image and impress customers.

Logo Watch

Our custom logo watches, also known as private label watches, are specially designed for watch brand owners and wholesalers to enhance your brand image.

In our factory, we specialize in making high-quality personalized watches that embody the essence of your brand, providing your customers with a distinctive marketing tool.

Logo Watch Development Artwork

Custom Watches with Logo: Where You Can Customize

You can choose to have your logo/image embodied on the watch dial, engraved on the case back, or engraved on the strap, giving you multiple options depending on the result you want.

Loge Watch Case

Choose a Watch Case

We can provide watch cases in different materials and styles. Case material: from high-quality 904L, 316L to regular alloy or plastic cases. For example, if your need is a dive watch, then a 316L or 904L case would be a good choice.

A watch case is more than just a watch case. The bezel, lugs, crown, case back, and glass on the watch case can all be customized according to your requirements. Generally, the watch logo can be added to the crown and case back.

Choose a Watch Movement

The movement is the heart of the watch, determining its function, performance and the appearance of the dial. Movements are available in the simplest three-hand and two-hand quartz movements, dual time, moon phase, chronograph, GMT multifunction movements, as well as manual mechanical watches and automatic mechanical watches.

Ctime offers different movements such as quartz movements, automatic movements, mechanical movements, customized movements. These movements are available from different brands such as Swiss movement, Japanese movement, and Chinese, depending on your needs. By the way, usually the customer Logo is not put on the movement, except for special needs.

Pictures of various watch movements
Picture of logo on watch dial

Watch Dial Logo Design

For a watch, the design of the dial is very important. Your watch’s logo needs to blend in perfectly with the design of the dial, which in our industry is called the “face” of the watch, just as important as the face of a person.
The same case, with different patterns and materials of the dial, can achieve different effects. Generally speaking, dial materials can be roughly divided into four types: metal, enamel, mother-of-pearl, and carbon fiber dials. Ctime’s experienced designers at our China watch factory can perfectly blend your logo with the style of your watch, so that consumers will have a deep impression of your brand, which is unforgettable.

Strap Logo Customization

Watch straps are generally categorized into several types such as stainless steel, leather, rubber (or silicone) and nylon. Each type of strap has its own unique characteristics and occasions, and the material used generally depends on the style of the watch. After determining the material you can personalize your logo for a truly branded experience.

  • Stainless steel straps: strong, durable and unbreakable, they are suitable for formal occasions.
  • Leather straps: soft, comfortable and breathable, suitable for formal occasions and everyday wear.
  • Rubber strap (or silicone): waterproof, sweatproof, wear-resistant, suitable for water sports or outdoor activities
  • Nylon strap: lightweight, comfortable and durable, suitable for sports occasions.

In addition, there are also some special material straps, such as ceramic straps and carbon fiber straps, etc. These straps are usually used for high-grade watches with high-tech content and unique aesthetics.

316L Stainless Steel Strap with Logo
Picture of logo on watch back case

Logo Watch Back Case

Watch back case is used to fix the movement, dustproof, waterproof, etc. It is mostly made of stainless steel, and the sapphire glass is usually used for the back glass of the watch. It also allows you to personalize your watch logo on it, giving your watch a higher-end, more brand-recognizable look.
There are generally three ways to assemble it with the watch case:

  • Press cover: directly and closely cooperate with the shell (the waterproof one is poor).
  • Tossing the cover: Ribbing and straightening the table and back cover (strongly waterproof).
  • Read the silk bottom: the watch foot and the back cover should be made of silk (strongly waterproof).

It can be divided into 2 categories according to type:

  • The bottom of the watch is dense, that is, the inside of the movement cannot be seen from the bottom of the watch.
  • Through the bottom of the watch, you can observe the internal conditions of the movement. Most of the watch bottoms are made of sapphire crystal glass.

Logo Watch Benefits

  • Build Brand Recognition: The logo on the watch is a visual representation of the brand and is easily recognized by customers.
  • Increased brand awareness: When customers wear logo watch, they become walking advertisements, increasing the brand’s exposure to a wider audience.
  • Enhance brand loyalty: Logo watches can give customers a sense of belonging and pride, and increase brand loyalty and advocacy.
  • Communication Opportunity: A logo watch expands your brand reputation, enhancing recognition. Adding your logo can spark public interest, direct inquiries, and support business growth.
Custom logo watch photo album
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From watch design to packaging, our team will take care of every production process. We can provide qualified men’s and women’s OEM watches to your specification with our expertise team and professional manufacturing equipment.


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