How Can I Determine If My Watch Glass is Sapphire Glass?

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Imagine gazing at your watch, marveling at its elegance and precision, only to wonder about the authenticity of the glass protecting its face. Is it sapphire glass, renowned for its exceptional durability and scratch resistance?

Or is it a lesser material that might compromise the longevity of your cherished timepiece? The answers lie within the details, and we’re here to guide you through the process of determining whether your watch is adorned with sapphire glass or not.

Sapphire Glass for Watches
Sapphire Glass for Watches

There are several types of materials used for watch glass

  1. Sapphire Crystal: This is the highest quality and most scratch-resistant material. It’s made from synthetic sapphire and offers exceptional clarity and durability.
  2. Mineral Crystal: This is a type of hardened glass that is treated to be more scratch-resistant. It’s a common choice for mid-range watches.
  3. Acrylic Crystal: This is a plastic material that is often used in less expensive watches. It’s lightweight and can be polished to remove scratches, but it’s not as durable as sapphire or mineral crystal.
  4. Hardened Glass: This is a type of treated glass that is more scratch-resistant than regular glass, but not as durable as sapphire or mineral crystal.
  5. Plastic: Some very inexpensive watches might use plain plastic for the watch glass. It’s the least durable and most susceptible to scratches.
types of watches glass
types of watches glass

Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of material often depends on the price point and intended use of the watch.

Sapphire Glass: A Shield of Superiority

Sapphire glass, derived from synthetic sapphire crystal, stands as a pinnacle of quality when it comes to watchmaking.

It’s a material known for its unparalleled resilience against scratches and abrasions, ensuring your watch face remains crystal clear and captivating for years to come.

But how can you ascertain if your watch truly boasts this remarkable material?

The Sapphire Test: Simple Steps for Clarity

The sapphire test is a straightforward and enlightening process that can help you verify whether your watch is graced with the remarkable sapphire glass. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. The Touch Test: Gently run your fingertip over the watch glass. If you feel any resistance or smoothness akin to a touch screen, your watch likely features sapphire glass. This material’s hardness prevents it from being easily scratched by your nail, unlike other inferior glass types.
  2. The Refraction Test: Hold your watch under a bright light source and observe the reflections on the glass. If you notice a distinct and sharp distortion of the light, similar to the way a prism disperses light, your watch probably has sapphire glass. This effect occurs due to sapphire’s high refractive index.
  3. The Fog Test: Breathe on the watch’s glass to create condensation. If the fog quickly dissipates, leaving the glass clear, chances are it’s sapphire.Sapphire glass has excellent anti-fog properties due to its low thermal conductivity.
  4. The Drop Test: While we don’t recommend this test, it’s often mentioned in watch enthusiasts’ circles. A sapphire glass watch is less likely to shatter or scratch when accidentally dropped on a hard surface. However, this is not a foolproof method, as the outcome could be influenced by various factors.
  5. Sapphire Glass Instrument Testing:You also can use professional machine to measure the density, luminousness, refractivity, hardness and some other technical information.
Hardness for sapphire crystal Test
Hardness for sapphire crystal Test

By performing these tests, you can gain valuable insights into the composition of your watch’s glass and ensure you’re enjoying the benefits of sapphire glass’s remarkable attributes.

Why Sapphire Glass Matters for Watch Manufacturers and Buyers

For a B2B watch manufacturer like Ctime, whose emphasis on quality and design is paramount, the choice of sapphire glass aligns seamlessly with their commitment to excellence.

Sapphire glass safeguards their meticulously crafted timepieces, elevating their watches to a level that resonates with customers like Lion from Indonesia, who prioritize quality over price.

This conscious decision to prioritize sapphire glass exemplifies Ctime’s dedication to exceeding customer expectations and establishing lasting partnerships with discerning buyers.


In the world of watchmaking, sapphire glass stands as a testament to innovation and enduring quality.

As a watch enthusiast or buyer, understanding the uniqueness of this material empowers you to make informed decisions about the timepieces you choose to adorn your wrist.

The sapphire test, though simple, serves as a window into the remarkable world of horological excellence.

When you wear a watch with sapphire glass, you’re not just embracing a timekeeping instrument; you’re embracing a legacy of craftsmanship and durability that defies the passage of time.

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